Hackney Markets Traders?

Are there any current market or food trader members? Would love some advice:

I want to pitch a food stall at various markets around Hackney. Just done all my research on ALL the licensing (Permanent market trader license, Food License, Food Business Registration, Food Hygiene Training Certificate, PL Insurance) I would require which seems lengthy and complicated. The Hackney Gov website didn’t explained too well and with lots of broken links. There’s also a waiting list for food traders. *sigh* I am a bit discouraged.

If you are a market trader (food), was your application process easy? How much is the process cost in total? They’ve also mentioned about having PL insurance, what are the cost and which company did you use? Where does one take this hygiene training course to obtain certificate?

Unfortunately doesn’t look like I can get all the licenses in time for Clapton Festival…


  1. @staystylish both @veganpeasant and @hopsyturvy are (food) market traders so may be able to help

  2. Hi @staystylish,

    The process is made more difficult than it needs to be, but it’s not impossible. I was able to get the process completed in two trips to Hillman Street. You’re done all the research so that’s half the battle. Have you called up Hackney Markets & Street Trading to get the forms? You can possibly get it down to one trip by completing all the necessary certs, getting the license and paying the insurance, which you have already researched. Depending on what market/markets you want to trade in you will be given a casual or permanent traders license. The one for Chatwworth Market is casual and costs £30 for 6 months, the PL is £70 a year and up and I can’t remember how much the health & hygiene certificate cost, but it takes about 2 to 4 hours to complete online.

    If you’d like to chat I’m happy to give you a call.


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