Hackney is London’s cycling capital

Research has shown that more Hackney residents commute to work by bike than by car.Figures, drawn from the 2011 Census by the Office of National Statistics, reveal that 14.6 per cent – or one in seven – of Hackney residents use a bike as their main method of getting to work. More info at:  http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/hackney-is-top-for-cyclists-with-more-using-bikes-than-car-8474521.html


  1. Being a massive geek I tried to establish which parts of Hackney have the highest rates of cycling. I did a few samples – but:22% in the area just south of Church Street20% in the area to the West of Chatsworth Road20% in St Marks in Dalston Can anyone find any higher than 22%?

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