Hackney is Friendly

Posted on Twitter (by me):  Janice P ?@calamityLDN 16mwent down the narrow way and she greeted me for a chat. no catches! anyone else? #hackney


  1. It’s this: http://www.hackneyisfriendly.co.uk/ “Come to the pop-up ‘Hackney is Friendly’ barrow in the Narrow Way and say hello. We want to create a hub of friendliness to prove that Hackney is a friendly place. If you are willing come and be friendly in the Narrow Way to greet passers-by chat to people and welcome visitors. ‘Hackney is Friendly’ will pop up in the Narrow Way on Thursdays and Fridays from 1.30-3pm weather permitting (but please check blog for any changes).”

  2. Thanks, @ewebber ! So who else has seen or visited it? I might pop along again and have a chat. Maybe I’ll get some quotes for this page.

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