Hackney Human Library!!

On Friday 26th July, from 4pm to 7pm, the Hackney Human Library Popup invites the people of London to share a bed with unique characters from all walks of life.In the open air of Hackney’s Town Square, human ‘books’ – from east-end drag queens to the hardcore right wing – will share their stories with members of the public in half an hour one-to-one sessions.The popup event aims to challenge hidden prejudice by stimulating interactions between people with wildly different world-views and experiences. Drawing on the international concept of the ‘human library’, but with a homely twist, the popup encourages people to share a bed or a cosy armchair with the people they share their city with. The popup is the creative product of 12 graduates from social leadership programme Year Here, tasked with creating a community event that challenges everyday perceptions, in 24 hours with only £500.