Hackney Hop Growers – Year 2 Call-out

Hackney Hop Growers – Year 2 Call-out

Hi everyone,
We’re about to get started with year 2 hop growing!

Year one has been great fun with brewing, bottling and a handful of ‘sampling’ sessions…. I hope many of you have had the chance to try the amazingly tasty ‘Hackney Homegrown’ in the local pubs and beer festivals that we brewed with Hackney Brewery.

We are now recruiting new dedicated urban growers and beer-lovers to join the existing group for Year 2.

The idea is to basically create a community of people interested in growing hops in a variety of urban spaces – from balconies to community spaces – and then we harvest and make beer together with a local brewer in September and enjoy truly ‘Local Ale’.

We will be sharing growing information and experience, brewing and then drinking our beer together. One of our first year growers is up for giving us a home-brewing masterclass, we’re planning to organise a hop farm visit again, and you can get involved in label-design and bottling too!

The initial starter pack gives you one hop rhizome – Prima Donna – which is a smaller-growing dwarf hop suitable for urban spaces. It will also include a pre-mixed compost and fertilizer mix and some yarn, as well as giving you membership to the group and activities. Starter packs will cost in the region of £20, any additional plant at £10.

So if you or anyone you know would be interested in getting involved, please do get in touch with me ASAP/in the next couple of days with your contact details, how many plants you want and the address + postcode of where you will be growing them and we can take it from there! I’ll send you more details then.

See the Article on the Project in the ‘Jellied Eel’: http://www.sustainweb.org/jelliedeel/articles/676/

We’re also currently working on a dedicated website with all the relevant information.

Hope to hear from you soon!




  1. I failed miserably last year, I’m going to blame the frost we had in March, not my terrible history with plants.

    @stephenwalker78 are you up for giving this a go this year?

  2. Yeaah @ewebber ! Hopefully the plant will survive…

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  4. Have you seen this @mattyc @quitepeculiar @hackneye

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  6. …put your orders in!

  7. Have indeed- hoping to exceed our bumper crop from last year (whilst trying not to be too competitive) https://untappd.com/user/E9to5/checkin/66046136

  8. Right @mattyc that sounds like a challenge.
    @stephenwalker78 you know what we need to do.

    • It’s all about the Hackney City Farm manure!

    • @ewebber – your plant is waiting for pick up – saved a really good one for you with some leaves shooting out already to give you a head start this year…

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  10. @ewebber put an end to the death camp approach that is my gardening skill ?

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  17. I’m up for this! In 2014, not just based on the comment I left on the 2013 edition. Am I too late?

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