Hackney Homemade and Vintage Market

The next Hackney Homemade and Vintage Market takes place on March 20th in the courtyard behind the independent bookshop, the Bookbox (www.bookboxonline.co.uk) and on the pavement outside, on the corner of Chatsworth and Glenarm Roads Clapton, London, E5 0LH.Our impressive roll call of local traders sell a variety of handmade and vintage goods. These include collectible ceramics, vintage toys and furniture, artisan food, home made herbal creams, handcrafted jewellery and and screen-printed pillowcases.For a stall or more informationcontactjane@hackneyhome.co.uk07956 934 768. Please have a look at the new facebok page and let me know if you would like a stall.




  1. Thanks for letting us know about this. I hope spring will have sprung by then. Sharing the link on Twitter to help spread the word.

  2. Did anyone go to the Hackney Homemade market today in St John’s churchyard? I hadn’t seen any advertising for it or even discussion on here, so was really surprised to see it there. I’d love this market to succeed, but think it needs to be much more prominently promoted to entice the shoppers on Mare St.

  3. It was mentioned by @JaneMacIntyre of Hackney Homemade over here: http://www.yeahhackney.com/new-hackney-homemade-market/

  4. Hi Jason, and thanks YH…

    Last week, over 2,000 people were at the market as part of Clapton Festival – and that was our first Saturday Market. This week, a lot quieter, but chaotic weather and we had fun nonetheless, and our traders dealt with the weather bravely, with stalls both inside and outside the church.

    We are publicising all the time… on Twitter, Facebook and on the website (hackneyhomemade.com), as well as in key local print media (e.g. Hackney Today)… BUT we must also remember to post in the right topic on YH, and more often, so many thanks for the hint.

    As well as that, there’s a big banner at the bus stop on Lower Clapton Rd, and another opposite M&S on the Narroway (those went up this week and word is spreading). Today, we were handing out flyers on the Narroway while a clown played a miniature piano,a and we’ll be cross-promoting on Chatsworth Rd tomorrow.

    The market at St John’s is on every week, Saturday, 10am-4pm, RAIN (inside the church) or SHINE (in the gardens of the church)., and we’re confident the market will grow and grow. The same applies to our Sunday Market in the Book Box on Chatsworth Road.
    We actively seek feedback, so many thanks for all this. Comments we see anywhere will make it on to our website (whether good or bad), and we always do our best to respond so thanks for taking the time to comment – much appreciated.

  5. @IainMacIntyre

    Thanks for the reply, Iain. Glad to see it’s planned for every Saturday (I’ll definitely keep coming along) and hope it expands in the coming months. I thought the one during the festival was lovely. It’s such a great area for hosting a market too, so it really should catch on. Just a suggestion – but I wondered if you’d thought about changing your logo and poster layouts ie making both a bit bolder so they’re more visible and eyecatching? The current logo on the signage is hard to make out at a distance (even the big one by the tower) and the posters themselves recede, especially when they’re placed in windows next to other bolder designs. Anyway, as I said, just a suggestion that I think might help, I wish you all the very best!

  6. Hi Jason. Thanks for this, I dont think we will be changing the logo, as a lot of people have been noticing the publicity, I am glad you enjoyed it so much. We did get a lot of positive feedback – see this blog page on http://www.hackneyhomemade.com for details. Do come and introduce yourself when you next come along. Next week, we have stalls such as Chock’s Wok selling Oriental cuisine, Le Moulin’s artisan breads and pastries, juices and chocolate cake, Italian Food Heroes cappuccino and Italian biscuits, vintage clothes, handbags and gladrags. Thanks, Jane.

  7. Hey hey, it’s Market Day.
    Hackney Homemade Market is in the lush gardens of St John at Hackney from 10am-4pm, every Saturday. You can download the programme for Sat 25th June here

    Hope you can make it over.i/”

  8. Wandered over the market today at St John’s church. Very nice! Good coffee and gorgeous cakes. Also jam! And I may have to try the currywurst next week…

  9. Food FestivalHackney Homemade Markets will be hosting a Food Festival on 17th Sept 10am–6pmEat your way around the globe and be entertained by world music at our market food festival. Food tents will be filled with Japanese pancakes, Indian curries, Spanish tapas and British burgers.The Food Festival is part of ‘We Love Hackney’ weekend an exciting event that will see a playbus and Olympic sports in the church gardens. There will be tours of St Augustine Tower and Hackney Empire, and special events by Sutton House and the Hackney Museum.We are front page of Hackney Today this week:‘Activities are based in Hackney Central with highlights including the Hackney Homemade Market and Pop Up Food Festival in St John at Hackney Churchyard.’

  10. Hackney Homamade Market is back next weekend. We also have a regular flower seller and a delicious bread seller Mon to Sat outside MandS. For bookings or more information http://www.hackneyhomemade.com

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