Hackney Halloween 2010

Does anyone have any Halloween plans? What’s going down in Hackney Town?

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  1. If I wasn’t going to Ireland for Halloween, I would have been interested in checking this out:http://www.thelasttuesdaysociety.org/ball_2.htmlThe tickets online have sold out, but apparently you can still purchase some at the shop on Mare Street.There’s another ‘ball’ at The Hoxton Pony featuring New Young Pony Club doing a DJ set (http://thehoxtonpony.com/listings/listings.pdf) with tickets at £8 in advance and £10 at the door, and elsewhere in Shoreditch The Book Club has a blues/rockabilly night with a live band, The Untouchables, on the 30th. It’s free to get in before 9 pm, and a fiver after.

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