Hackney Gazette Cycle Safe Campaign

If you get round the slightly sensationalist slant on this campaign by the Hackney Gazette (just look at the linked articles), then it’s a nice idea for Cyclists, motorists and Lorry drivers. It could do with some links to build on the pledges e.g. where to get cycling training, feel free to add your own to this thread:-o00o- The Gazette team has compiled three pedal pledges to encourage all road users to take responsibility for cyclists’ safety in the borough.They were drawn up with the help of London Cycling Campaign to unite cyclists, motorists and lorry drivers in a common goal.Readers are urged to sign up to the pledges to take direct action to improve safety.CyclistsPosition yourself correctly and safely in the roadMake sure other drivers can see you and what you are planning to do at all timesGet as much training as you canMotoristsDo not let yourself be distracted (by phones, SAT navs, stress)Always be aware of where cyclists could beGo slowLorry driversCheck mirrors and check againUse left hand indicatorsInstall the best equipment to help you detect cyclistsMore here: http://www.hackneygazette.co.uk/news/news/hackney-cycle-safe-campaign-o00o-

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  1. No mention of motorcyclists? They’re always in cycle lanes and hogging the ASL, using the roads like a racetrack, turning left across my path (the junction of Kingsland High Street coming out of Shacklewell Lane is especially bad for this).

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