Hackney Freecycle twitter account – it’s alive!

I’ve just had note that although the Hackney Freecycle twitter account has been little dorment, they have dusted themselves off and are back up and running. Find them on: twitter.com/hackneyfreecycle


  1. Don’t think the link is working at the moment. Incidentally I’m moving house this weekend and have lots and lots of stuff up for grabs. Books, clothes, wicker laundry basket, an Epson inkjet printer, cutlery, pots and pans, plates, bowls, rice cooker and general ktichenware etc. Get in contact with me if you’d like to pop by this weekend and have a rummage in our house!

  2. @satosense ah – they have a typo in their twitter name it should be twitter.com/hackneyfreecyle

  3. Great. Thanks @ewebber. I shall be using this muchos over the next few days.

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