Hackney Food for Under a Fiver

I’m on a quest for quality, cheap food (and so are http://londonfood4afiver.wordpress.com/!) Is this mission impossible?


  1. No! there’s Mangal Pide at 27 Stoke Newington Road.

    Probably one of my favourite eats in London, and the pides, which are really generous, are £5 each….

  2. Gozleme! It must be the cheapest meal around. Last time I went we had a spinach and cheese one and an apple tea for under a fiver. Not sure which is the best but we go to the ones on the stretch of stoke newington road between evering and amhurst rd.

  3. Mangal Pide is amazing. Best lahmacun in the area – freshly stone baked rather than reheated.

  4. You can also get a slice of pizza and a beer at Datte Foco for £5.


  5. Love Mangal Pide. I like going to The Gate for their £5 breakfasts which fill you up for the day.

    If anyone fancies writing a guest post on their favourite eat get in touch!

  6. Oh, happy to write the post. It’s one of those places that are so close and I go to so often that I end up never writing about…

    Great blog BTW…

  7. Thanks!

    That would be amazing, I enjoyed the Datte Foco post on your blog. Just drop me an email with it to katy.balls@btopenworld.com whenever, look forward to it! (WIll link to your blog) xx

  8. Organic and Natural just make it in with their meal deal
    Organic and natural

  9. Mess Cafe build your own breakfast or the burger; also the mushrooms and pesto on toast – more than I can eatMussels at LMNT before 7 so they’re cheaper – with bread it’s a mealPizza at Pembury Tavern – how are they doing? i’ve been gone a whileWill think of more

  10. @ewebber where is Organic and Natural? those are awesome prices

  11. @janice lower clapton road opposite the pond, check the thread over here for more details”

  12. Wow. Some useful places submitted here. Can I add one as well. Peppers and Spice on 40 Balls Pond Road N1.Generous portions of Caribbean dishes for under a fiver as well.

  13. You can get lunch at Railroad on Morning Lane for under a fiver. One of Time Out’s recommended cheap eats: http://www.timeout.com/london/restaurants/venue/2:27996/railroad

  14. I had a disappointing experience at Railroad a short while back – for £5.50 I got the tiniest piece of tortilla and couple of lettuce leaves. Wasn’t impressed and had to go elsewhere as I was still hungry. However, I’ve heard many good things about this place from other people, so I guess I should really give it another go! Would definitely recommend Organic & Natural and Mess Cafe – nice food, decent portion sizes and fairly priced too!

  15. the banh mi at railroad is excellent, a very generous portion and i think is about a fiver? not tried anything else there, but that is definitely good
    mess is always a top option for breakfast, and i keep meaning to try their burgers
    also went to Bohemia under the railway bridge the other week, the menemen (or something like that): ratatouille like vegetables in a iron dish with eggs broken in and baked with cheese on top i can recommend

  16. Mangal Pide is absolutely fantastic.

    Also recommend the great Ali Baba in Kingsland Rd, just opposite Dalston Superstore. Their chicken shish is just under £5 and they have the best homemade chilli sauce.
    In Shacklewell Lane, just pass the Turkish baths – Okabasa 2000 serves very authentic turkish food for really reasonable prices if you do take away.

  17. People. Cheap food is my life. Plus Hackney is this home of street food. Trust me as I self promote. http://hotblackwaxstreetkitchen.tumblr.com

  18. Shame. Hackney is THE home of street food.

  19. hbwsk your blog is interesting. i’d like to see you cover more real street food. have you covered the stalls in broadway market, chatsworth market, spitalfields (moving slightly farther than hackney) area? and more prices please.

  20. Hey Janice. Thanks for the feedback ! We on this. We are already over Islington, Camden and have been on road to Devon. More to come. We go all over when we can. We at Chats next week too !

    P>S> Broadway Market and real street food?!?!? In the same sentence? 🙂

  21. one of my fave thing to eat at Chats Rd market is @veganpeasant ‘s sweet potato and black bean burritos – yum

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