Hackney Downs Police Cordon?

Hi yeah!hackney, Clarence Road resident here.  First post from me, joined after the rights and i see the numbers on here have grown hugely, that’s great! So, my walk-of-shame this morning had to be slightly re-directed due to a police cordon on the corner of Downs Park Road/Cricketfield Road (including that corner of the park. Just wondered if anyone’s heard what happened?? Cheers!Ex


  1. @ewaa I’m on Cricketfield and the police said that there was a fight last night involving a large number of people but no serious injuries and no reported weapons. Which doesn’t really explain why they decided to have a cordon, but there you go.

  2. Thanks Benjamin.  That’s certainly a lot more information than i could get out of the two policemen manning the cordon.  Still can’t find anything online or on Police websites about it, would be nice to know what’s happening on your doorstep but i guess there’s no obligation to keep public informed of such things.

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