Hackney day: Creperie Le Monde, Towner & Hoxton, Railroad, Hackney Museum and Shacklewell Nights

Yesterday we spent the day wondering around Hackney and checking out some places we hadn’t yet been to and some we had and wanted to visit again.

We started off on Chatsworth Road with a visit to the Creperie Le Monde. It opened a few weeks back, but we hadn’t had  the chance to visit it yet. I ordered a goats cheese and walnut crepe and then waited …… a little bit too long. A while later I was handed my crepe in a takeaway sleeve . The crepe was nice enough, but the service and preparation was a little unorganised, it definitely felt like it was new. I hope they get it together because I do like a crepe.

Next on the list was a wander down to Towner and Hoxton on Well Street, a very cool new tea room and artist studio that has recently secured a temporary lease on a derelict building. We had a look around and a chat with Adam Towner about the project and I will post some more info on it soon.

After that we stumbled across a lovely looking new cafe in Hackney called Railroad, on the corner of Morning Lane and Homerton Terrace. It opened on Friday and is another new recruit in the Square Mile coffee family. We had a quick chat with the owners, who told us they were planning to start music events in the basement, a coffee, Alex had a pork pie and then we were off on our way.

There website will be at www.railroadhackney.co.uk, but at the time of writing this it’s not yet live.

Next on the list was the wonderfull Hackney Museum, which is always worth popping into if you are in the area. I plan to go back soon to properly check out their Reggae Rebels exhibition.

After a quick spot of shopping at the Carhartt factory outlet and a costume change we rounded off the day with dinner at the hidden dining experience Shacklewell Nights (which I have blogged about before here)

It was a very full, fun Hackney day out.

All photos by Emily Webber


  1. Yeah, I went to Creperie Le Monde myself, and I ordered it in a take-away sleeve because it was cheaper than a plate, although I ate in. Still, my crepe came up to over £5, which is quite expensive for a crepe. Service seemed a bit snappier, though, as there were about four members of staff behind the counter.

  2. Oh, I wasn’t given the option of a plate, despite ordering coffee and sitting down. I think they have some logistics to work out!

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