Hackney Dads Map

Hello all, I’ve made a map of fun stuff for dads to do with their kids in Hackney – feedback welcome.

Here’s a link to the Hackney Dads Map: http://dadsmap.co.uk/

ps I’ve been to every venue on the map to make sure it’s worth a visit!


  1. This is great- thanks for creating it! What’s your favourite playground? Also would you consider including kid-friendly cafes and pubs etc?

  2. Cheers Matt – the Adventure Playgrounds are all pretty amazing: kids have to be 6 or over but didn’t realise until visiting them that they’re free and supervised. St John at Hackney Church Playground is good too – I walked by it for years and never realised it was there.

    Definitely consider adding cafes etc, esp. those with baby changing facilities in the gents.

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  5. Great stuff, if I think of any venues with change facilities in the gents I’ll post them here?

  6. Yes please Matt, that’d be great.
    I’m working on the full version of the site now, I can add you to the info list and ping you an email when it’s live if you’re interested?

  7. That would be grand, thanks

  8. Would be great if you could drop a comment here when you do update it 🙂

  9. Happy to!

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