Hackney Creative photo project – make your suggestions please!

Hi as well as making films, I’m also a photographer. I’m currently working on a project for Hackney Council to create a library of images of creative work/working in the borough – everything from music and dance to art and craft, digital media to graphic art.I’ve got a great list already of people, places and things to shoot but Hackney being Hackney, no-one person knows everything going on.I’d really welcome suggestions for people, places, public art, events that you think would make for interesting photos… do you know a particularly atmospheric artists’ studio? A hidden gem of public art? A rehearsal space for contemporary dance?  Anything really that speaks of the amazing work going on in our borough.Here’s a little film we did in 3 days last year on the same subject….http://www.youtube.com/user/magnificentTVchannel#p/a/u/2/KPJrETOJEo0


  1. Please have a look at these links. We do lovely and creative stuff with our wildflower meadow and the Mabley Green in E9, and we even smile 😉 . I suggest you contact Chris King who is an inspiration and the organiser of things:http://mableymeadow.blogspot.com/http://makesomethingdamnit.blogspot.com

  2. My housemate is an artist who’s lived in Hackney for decades; she regularly work at the [Space] print studio on Mare St.  No clue how atmospheric their studio spaces are, but their summer shows are impressive.  Or for a different use of the same building, Jelly (coworking for artists & freelancers) uses the Space computer lab on Thursdays.

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