Hackney Cinemas

Let’s talk Hackney cinemas


  1. Rio, Ri-i-i-o

  2. *thread ends*the Rio is it, lovely cinema, but Hackney could do with more, there would be the demand. Would be great if the Clapton cinema re-opened, it’s in the building where Chimes/Palace night clubs are, close to the Lea Bridge Roundabout.

  3. That would be great if that re-opened as a cinema. Especially if they took the building back to its former glory – before the days of Chimes etc.

  4. What about the rumours of Ocean being bought by Picture House – does anyone have any more details on that?

  5. Rio Cinema will be screening a couple films for the BFI London Film Festival on the 17th–a Russian and a Romanian film: http://www.riocinema.ndirect.co.uk/2010/Oct10/specialcreenings.htm

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