Hackney Characters #6 – Mark Feld ‘Ace Face’

Living with his jewish parents at 25 Stoke Newington Common Mark Feld was a known as an ‘Ace Face’ on the early modernist movement of the 1960’s.It was whilst attending secondary School that Feld became one of the fashionable pioneers of the youth cult that became known as ‘mods’. The embryonic mod ethos was to look clean and dress sharply a total rejection of all that had gone before. The style was influenced by Italian and French clothing, a look that was new, smart and expensive for the working class teenagers who embraced it. Feld along with his older compatriots would frequent the Youth Clubs and Hangouts around Stamford Hill and Stoke Newington, they stood out from the crowd and had an air of elitism and arrogance. In 1962 Feld was featured in an article in ‘TOWN’ magazine talking about his lifestyle, having clothes made at a tailors and standing out from the crowd. Attention to detail and having the right look was all important. Feld says in the Town feature “You’ve got to be different from the other kids, I mean you got to be two steps ahead”. He boasts of having “ten suits, eight sports jackets, thirty five good shirts, about twenty jumpers, three leather jackets, five or six pairs of shoes and thirty exceptionally good ties”. The article showing photos of Feld dressed to the nines was one of the first pieces of publicity for the emerging mod scene. Feld was remarkable for his age, at 15 and five years younger than his friends, he craved fame and adulation something that would come his way in abundance ten years later when he morphed into Glam Rock King Marc Bolan.Photos of Feld in TOWN magazine here… http://dandyinaspic.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/bolan-as-mod.html

Photo of Mark Feld Plaque on 25 Stoke Newington Common here… http://www.flickr.com/photos/traxcitement/5807529263/


  1. Awesome – love the nickname \Ace face” thanks for sharing :)”

  2. Stamford Hill Mods – The Genesis Of Mark BolanI heard about this exhibition on the radio, it’s going to be at Hackney Museum for 1 month from Nov 7th, it  covers what I’ve written about Mark Feld in the first post in this thread; I’ll definately be having a look!more details here…http://www.modculture.co.uk/stamford-hill-mods-the-genesis-of-marc-bolan/@ewebber it says they will have on show an original 1962 Vespa scooter from Eddy Grimstead who was a main scooter (both Vespa & Lambretta) dealer in the early 60’s.”

  3. @traxcitement I can’t resist a vintage vespa :)It does say that the 7th is an invite only night, then it’s open to the public after that

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