Hackney Cafe’s List

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Here is a list of the best cafe’s in Hackney – are any missing?


  1. Nice list, but it has 3 cafes that aren’t in Hackney….Tina (Islington) Counter cafe (Tower Hamlets) and container cafe (Haringey)

  2. wow you’re very strict!

    I think in spirit they’re all in hackney?

  3. or within a 2 minute walk from hackney

  4. not strict, just accurate

  5. ok ill change it’s name to hackney & surrounding area

  6. not so accurate! (ewebber) you have the Container Cafe marked as in Haringey!!! (it’s between Tower Hamlets and Newham on the Greenway, alongside the Olympic park)
    the Counter Cafe is in Tower Hamlets as Roach Road edges into E3 on the border with E9, but it’s still part of Fish Island/Hackney Wick and a mainstay part of Hackney hosting the Corner Carnival at Hackney WickED!

  7. I love this boundary geekiness.

    Just added mouse & de lotz – feels like I’ve missed a few still though

  8. A lot of what is considered Hackney Wick is actually in Tower Hamlets even some places that have the E9 postcode. I know the Hackney borders rather than other boroughs, so you could be right about the Container Cafe, looking at the website they say Newham.
    For anyone that wants to check the Hackney borders map is here: http://www.yeahhackney.com/hackney-geography/

    @nickdonnelly if your list is cafes rather than just coffee then there are a few more to consider – off the top of my head: Spark cafe, Mess, Towpath, Lemon Monkey, Gossip, Healthy Stuff …

  9. yeah more about world class coffee (which I take it none of those do?) than just cafes – though that line is blurring (eg Allpress supply a lot of pubs / bars now – how well made the coffee is is another question).

  10. I think that Lemon Monkey, Gossip, Healthy Stuff and Towpath all do good coffee

    I’ve had Gossip and I think Lemon Monkey brew their own

  11. roast their own?

    cool will check them out – thx…

  12. yup – roast I meant, but not entirely sure about that, their website is a little lacking http://www.lemon-monkey.co.uk/

  13. Lemon Monkey serve Monmouth coffee but IMHO it’s overpriced and not in the same leagues as Bodega 50, Tina, Wiltons etc

  14. I was randomly chatting to the owner of Lemon Monkey the other day – I think they might have stopped using Monmouth now in favour of an ethical roaster of some kind?

    Yeah I think places can only do a limited number of things well – that’s not always coffee.
    Bodega 50 I will have to check out – website? (cant find one)

  15. Bodega 50 are on Allen Road, opposite the Shakespeare (which is a cracking pub). Yeah they have no Internet presence

  16. ta

  17. How about Bird on Bradbury Street and Dalston Emporium?

  18. decent coffee?

  19. Emporium use Monmouth. Not sure about Bird but I’ve tried it once and I think it’s the same.

  20. Does anywhere in Hackney serve Nude espresso? (I know they are not based in Hackers).

    I’m interested to know how long people spend in coffee shops? Apart from @nickdonnelly who spends most of his life in them 🙂 I find a lot of them are just a bit blahhh. Personally I’d like a cool espresso bar. Go in, order, drink it at the bar and go. Who’s with me?

  21. betty’s on kingsland road serve nude

  22. Recently? Last time (the only time) I went in there they had Allpress on tap.

  23. oh maybe it was – ive defo been somewhere recently that do nude

  24. Espressoteria if it’s in Hackney, might be just over the border – they do nude apparently http://twitter.com/#!/Espressoteria

  25. How do you know this stuff..

  26. I have the whole of Hackney tattooed on my wrist 😉

  27. You should get a portable printer instead.

  28. Now that’s definitely in Tower Hamlets 😉

  29. Best breakfast spots in East London by local artists: http://www.eastlondonmornings.com

  30. very cool Anastasia!

  31. I’m guessing it’s on the Tower Hamlets side of the road, but the little cafe that took Taste of Bitter Love’s place serves Nude coffee. I think they’re called Euphoria. Worth a visit, also because the staff are lovely and the carrot cake rocks.

  32. on the todo list

  33. That place that is where Taste of bitter love was is Espressoteria that I mentioned before, they do say they do Nude

  34. Nude coffee and carrot cake – WIN.

  35. A-ha! Sorry – I’m terrible at remembering names, that make sense.
    And yes – other bonus is that the dimensions of said carrot cake are incredible – huuuuuuge slice of it today 🙂 They’re dog-friendly there too, if you have one! There was quite a gathering today.
    Personally I prefer the coffee made with the Nude beans there, than in Nude.

  36. I go past there a lot, but it’s always on route to somewhere and on the bus, so I haven’t actually been in

  37. Hello @nickdonnelly I’m Jerome and I run Black & White Coffee, which is the coffee stall at Palm 2, in Clapton. We set up at (or rather outside) the Palm 2, to offer the local customers  the quality in coffee that Clapton was missing out on and we’ve been there for nearly 8 months now. We don’t overtly brand the stall, which may be why we are grouped as Palm 2 Coffee rather than our own.Would be great if we could get a mention and a shame to be overlooked on Hackney’s Cafe list. Perhaps Black and White Coffee Co. at Palm 2? Sorry to be so particular, but we’re such a small and locally focused operation and have worked really hard to build up our customer base, so any recognition is very helpful.http://www.blackandwhitecoffee.co.uk

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