Hackney Bureau

(Has our search facility gone or is my rotten eyes again?) Has anyone been to Hackney Bureau to eat? I keep looking at them on Twitter and Facebook and the pictures look fantastic.


  1. Hi @janice the forum search is on the home page above the forum posts and under the scrolling images. I haven’t been to the Hackney Bureau for a while, it was called the Andor Bureau at one point

  2. thanks, emily re the search. duhhhh.the andor bureau was a much more meagre place as i remember. i did go there. this always seems bustling and the food more substantial but maybe i missed the transition somewhere along the line.

  3. I ate there today. The food has always been excellent in my opinion, beautifully seasoned, very reasonably priced and with particularly good brunches. They don’t have any wifi at present.

  4. i’ve booked for the december lunch menu on the 11th. looking forward to it. if anyone goes to it, let me know what to order!

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