Hackney border changes

Rumours around twitter are suggesting that the Hackney North and South borders are changing tonight. More at: https://twitter.com/lablinda75/status/113240760312270849 https://twitter.com/new_art_riot/status/113273679332376577


  1. According to the initial proposals this is what will happen:Hackney Boundaries

  2. Looks like Stoke Newington will be cut in half with the west of the high street going to Hackney South and east of the high street staying North Hackney. Odd

  3. Does this mean that the Hackney borough will change shape?

  4. So update from @lablinda75 “change will take place at next General Election – not tonight!”

  5. Some more details on the Hackney Citizen after last night’s official unveiling and details of the consultation.It seems this all stems from reducing MPs and therefore redistributing constituency members I have to say it seems odd that parts of Haringey will be known as Hackney North as far as parliament goes.”

  6. I’d be quite annoyed if I still lived in stoke newington (east side) to find out that Diane Abbot was no longer my MP (though maybe less than her to find out she no longer lives in her consitutency!)

  7. It’s the Stoke Newington Folks that seem to be talking the most about it, but it does affect them – More over here: http://www.facebook.com/ilovestokey/posts/219292068129661 For those that will end up moving to south the current MP is Meg Hillier Diane Abbot could have up to 4 years to move if the proposal is accepted.”

  8. Strangely one of the things I was happiest about when I recently moved from Shoreditch up to Stoke Newington was the fact that the awful Meg Hillier would no longer be my MP. I don’t want her back! I love Diane Abbot

  9. Imagine waking up one morning to find you’d been moved from Hackney to Waltham Forest, or even Newham. I mean, how frightful….

  10. @emmaf I completely agree – I love Diane Abbot and the less said about that other person, the better.

  11. Meg Hillier lost her post as shadow energy secretary in labour’s reshuffle today:http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2011/oct/07/labour-reshuffle-miliband-former-ministers

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