Hackney bookshops

What are your favourite places to pick up new readables?I’m quite the fan of Pages of Hackney and the Broadway Bookshop. I don’t really have a newsagent here I frequent, however.


  1. Pages is great! A really nice bookshop with regular events (and close to me!)

  2. Yep! http://www.pagesofhackney.co.uk/ I haven’t been to any of their events yet, but would eventually like to go.

  3. I’d like to add Artwords Bookshop to the list as well. I’ve been to the one on Broadway Market a few times, and it’s hard for me to walk away empty-handed.

  4. I like Pages, don’t seem to go to the Stoke Newington Book Shop very often, it’s ok. I quite like the second hand book shop in Stokie – the one that doesn’t see records (Don’t really like that one)

  5. I’ve been to the Stoke Newington Book Shop once. I got my copy of Man Walks Into a Pub there. It was during the Stokey Lit Festival, so later that day I was able to get Pete Brown to sign it as well.Yeah, a friend of mine who lived in Hackney for three years before recently moving back to Ireland really liked a second-hand bookshop on Church Street. It may be the same one you’re talking about.

  6. Dolon books on Broadway Market http://www.donlonbooks.co.uk/ (also featured here: http://photography.glossom.com/2012/03/5-independent-photography-bookshops/) specialises in art photography and music books some rare and out of print.”

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