Hackney bakery

Anyone just watch Michael Roux on BBC two? He Interviewed a baker called Ben who made the most amazing looking sourdough and I must find his bakery!!! It was under an arch by the looks of it and called simply The Bakery I thinkalso,anyone know where I can get good spelt bread in Hackney?


  1. Bet it’s this one, supposed to be amazing but the only time i’ve tried to go it was closed.http://www.yelp.co.uk/biz/the-bakery-arch-402-london

  2. Also known as the E5 Bakehouse (no longer in E5) http://www.e5bakehouse.com (with a link to the show on BBC iplayer on the homepage) From their website it looks like they will be taking online orders at some point.Also from their facebook page it looks like they do breadmaking courses.”

  3. oh my god it is def The Bakery at Arch 402 – thank you so much for the replies, I will be going there as soon as I get back to London next week!

  4. According to Hackney City Farm’s tweet https://twitter.com/hackneycityfarm/status/45797508550639616 they are open weds evenings

  5. I am having a dinner party on tuesday, which is a rehersal for a forth coming Hungry Londoner Supper Club so I will have to get down there before then – but then wednesday evening for the much needed hangver carbs I think…!

  6. More on the E5 Bakehouse in this interview with Ben Mackinnon on Eating East http://www.eatingeast.co.uk/2010/09/16/ben-mackinnon/

  7. Sourdour
    I got some sour dough this morning – yum :)”

  8. Looks delicious! I’m actually baking my own bread most of the time but will check them out.

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