Hackney and Stratford – Local Guide

Hello, I am a student looking to produce a visitors’ guide/map to Hackney and Stratford that includes ideas of top places to visit in these areas, suggested by locals. I have a questionnaire that I am going to post a link to incase anyone can spare a couple of minutes and would like to add any hints as to places to go, including places to eat, drink and hang out. Its been great so far to speak to many enthusiastic Hackney residents! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHczSFhXSGNobkFvRkpjMHpFdHFZZHc6MQ Thanks for any suggestions + your time. Kate “

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  1. Thanks to everyone who has filled in my questionnaire. I am very grateful and it is brill to read of so many interesting sounding places!

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