Grunge Night – Touch Me I’m Sick – Nov 18th @ The Victoria MASSIVE ARMS brings you TOUCH ME I’M SICK – a ruddy GRUNGE night.Live Music from:ARROWS OF LOVE –“The sonic attack of At The Drive-In…If one is to delve a little deeper with something of substance something dignifiedyou can find the likes of London’s Arrows of Love” * * * *Rock FeedbackFREE ENTRY.Throughout the night there’ll be flannel and pogoing hopefully a life sized Krist whatshisface from Nirvana and some L7 sponsored Tampons. I’ve rented a specialist pogoer.There’ll also be a combo of Slaves and Bulldozers/Aneurysm/Bodies/No Excuses/State of Love and Trust/Celebrity Skin/PIXIES/SABBATH/ZEPPELIN/SONICYOUTH and loadsa other stuff that inspired GRUUUUUUUUNGE.Might even play some Placebo.FRIDAY 18th NOVEMBERFRIDAY 18th NOVEMBERFRIDAY 18th NOVEMBERIf you get lost: