Growing tomatoes

I love home grown tomatoes – but never do that well, does anyone have any tips?


  1. We grow tomatoes in grow bags outside out bathroom (first floor) on the flat roof. You could grow them in pots or containers around 8-12\ in diameter. I’d recommend growing them outdoors rather than on the windowsill – unless you live somewhere with lots of daylight the results are likely to be disappointing. You can buy plants in the spring for 50p-£1 each or grow your own from seed on the windowsill. You pot them up or put them in the growbags in spring once there’s no chance of frost keep them watered and you may need to put in some bamboo canes or sticks to support them. There’ll be small yellow flowers that’ll develop into small green tomatoes that’ll get bigger and ripen.That’s basically it – when you see them selling small plants in the spring is the time to get started.”

  2. I am astoundingly bad at growing things, no matter how I try. I’ll give it another go next year – although the spring feels like a long way off

  3. I found tomatoes a bit of a tricky one. You need to be really consistent with watering feeding, they don’t like change. I prefer produce that can cope with my sporadic gardening schedule!

  4. I think we share the same gardening schedule

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