Grocery shopping?

I was curious about where people go grocery shopping in Hackney. Since I currently work in a fancy organicky shop, I tend to grab stuff from there or from the Sainsbury’s in Angel (I work in Islington). Every now and then I’ll grab something from the Green Shop/Palm 2/Clapton Village on the corner of Millfields and Lower Clapton.I’ve been to the Sainsbury’s in Kingsland Shopping Centre, and I’ve been to the little organic shop on Lower Clapton that’s sort of across the pond.Does anyone have any small shops they’d like to share? Anyone particularly fond of any of the Chinese or Vietnamese groceries I’ve seen around?


  1. Palm 2 has lots of choice, and they are quite accommodating. I also like their organic shop/cafe.Theres a good fruit and veg shop on Chatsworth road, which is relatively cheap. I think its called Golden Fuit & Veg. Failing those I head to M&S or the pub!

  2. Palm 2 is my shopping place of choice, although they can be a little more expensive they are very friendly and stock what you ask for – I don’t get that anywhere else.

  3. I love M F R on Chatsworth Road! I buy all my fruit and veg there.

  4. I love MFR as well, usually there every weekend, getting fruit and veg.

  5. MFR is ace, although I don’t live as close to it as I used to and so don’t go so often

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