Great coffee in Hackney

There are some great coffee places popping up – I’d like to know who sells Monmouth, Square Mile, Ritual or any other roasters that are worth a visit.My initial list is:

Tina we Salute you – Square Mile

Taster of Bitter Love – Square Mile

Mouse and de Lotz – Square Mile

Merito Coffee @ Broadway Market (Sat)


  1. is also worth a visit. They use organic fair trade coffee.

  2. What coffee do The Hackney Pearl serve? I think that might be square mile too

  3. Hackney Pearl do serve Square Mile – I was told that was because they have the ethos that anyone that sells their coffee must make it to their standards

  4. The new Railroad cafe on Morning Lane is another new place selling Square Mile coffee – yay!

  5. I love this list. Square Mile coffee is the jam.

  6. This place on Newington Green poured me, I think, the best cappuccino I’ve ever drunk the other day: *just* in Hackney, I think, on Newington Green. The Coffee is Illy. I usually prefer ‘proper’ coffee without milk, so don’t often drink cappuccino, even though I spend a lot of time in Italy (work)… but this was spectacular. Gonna head back to check it wasn’t a fluke.

  7. @hackneye I reckon that’s on the Hackney/Islington/Haringey border

  8. Hacklingey.

  9. I just got my first of a 6 month subscription to Square Mile – yay!

  10. Merito Coffee – Broadway Market on a SaturdayWilton Way Cafe Climpson & Sons

  11. A slightly blurry – Climpson & Sons coffee can be had while waiting for the bus on the Narroway, Hackney Central. I grab one almost every time.

  12. hmmm, this needs a map!

  13. go for it, e! 😉 ooooh, i know – DELEGATE!

  14. Great map! I didn’t know Climpson & Son served Hackney central. Its a welcome addition to the narrow way.

  15. I can heartily second Wilton, Tina and Climpsons as already mentioned.If you’re up in Stoke Newington, Fat Cat Cafe does the best coffee on church street (the competition isn’t that great to be fair). Their coffee isn’t from one of the well known roasters though.

  16. Hurwundeki on Cambridge Heath Road does great coffee in a sweet surrounding, although technically it isn’t in Hackney, but I want to claim it!I did a bit of a cafe crawl soon after I moved to Hackney in March and went to Pogo on Clarence Road and Bohemia, under the railway bridge on Mare Street, as well as Hurwundeki. I went home very full but it was a great way to spend a Saturday!Pogo is probably not for you if you don’t like the taste of coffee with soy milk, and I’m not sure how upmarket the Bohemia coffee is but their homemade cake is great…I wrote about it in my blog here…., Violet is a great little cafe on Wilton Way with amazing cupcakes and nice coffee. I’ll post something about it shortly on the blog here.

  17. Apologies in advance for this decidedly un-Hackney link, but I really wanted to share this vintage documentary about the growth of coffee shops in London. It’s informative and hilarious!

  18. Tina, We Salute You has Square Mile. So does Dalston Superstore. Aren’t we improving?!!! Now…what will Marie Lloyd serve?

  19. Oh duh. Tina was already on the list – still, MUST make it a bit hotter. You’d never believe I’m a tea girl, would you?

  20. I did find out Tina wasn’t in Hackney – it falls over the border into islington – boo

  21. ah. hmmm. these borders are tricky. i liked the big table concept. quite cozy. gotta say cafeoto really lacks comfort and those toilets – let’s just say i try not to go in them. cafeoto, if you’re reading this — makeover time!!!

  22. Does anyone know what happened to Taste of Bitter Love? There’s a nice iphone app called London’s Best Coffee that covers many of the independent coffee places in Hackney.

  23. They’re going to reopen in a new location. Not sure if they’re going to stay in Hackney or not.

  24. @schen – does the app cover anything we have missed, I need to check if it’s android too

  25. through twitter the blogger here contacted me last year – – its about central london but i reckon we could get him to come east or do something like this ourselves, a collaborative effort maybe or go in twos or threes and make it a social event of some sort. i’m away mar 7 to may 18 but i’d be in for this as a project

  26. @ewebber pretty much covers everything mentioned. There’s also Counter Cafe (never sure if Hackney Wick is Hackney though) and Container Cafe (TH or H?) The app lists roaster and coffee machine used in each place. I thought the cappucino from the little cart at Homerton station wasn’t half bad either…

  27. @schen I had a quick look at the map and Conter and Container are both Tower Hamlets :-SLooks like some of what is considered Hackney Wick is Hackney (E9) and some is Tower Hamlets (E3)”

  28. @janice a coffee shop crawl – sounds great!

  29. Made it to Railroad. I like the small cups of coffee and the foam artistry. This was a mild but lovely version of the Square Mile brand

  30. I think it might be time to make a group on here dedicated to just coffee – what do people think?

  31. I agree with a coffee group. And can we bend the Hackney rules and include good ones that are close enough to Hackney (Tina We Salute You, Counter Cafe, etc)? I went to Railroad and had the most amazing soup in there. Anyone been to Mouse & De Lotz? And would also like to mention there is a lovely garden at the back of Organic & Natural on Lower Clapton Rd, where on a sunny day you can drink coffee, eat nice cakes/salads, read the papers and chat to random people.

  32. Hackney Coffee Lovers group os now open (I’ll close this thread now)

    UPDATE: with the new site structure this is now

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