Granny’s Sunday Feast – Arroz Marinero 1st Dec

Can you smell Christmas coming…?Granny wants to celebrate and she has cranked up the cooker ready to prepare a menu that will transport us all to the Valencian coast and its gastronomyThe menu consists of:ARROZ MARINEROFilling dish made with Bomba rice and seafood. Bomba rice is slowly matured before harvesting so it has a great ability to absorb flavours and aromas.VALENCIANODigestive cocktail-dessert, made from vanilla ice cream and fresh orange.TURRÓNThe feast will be topped with something not less of a paramount… a selection of Turrones! Turron is a sweet nougat made of honey and roasted almonds, and it is typically eaten in Christmas.A glass of wine and bread are included./// IMPORTANT ///In order to make sure rice is served at its best, there will be seatings at 1.30pm and 3.00pm.Booking recommended. ?18 adv / ?20 on the door