Granny’s Sunday Cocido

Granny’s Sunday’s Cocido – £10 donation for 3 courses and a glass of wine Feature image Come and enjoy a proper Cocido!____________________Sunday 13 October is the day for this new pop-up diningup the new space in Clapton Pond just above the Palm 2 shopCocido is a Sunday ritual Granny Lopez insists on every visit.She’ll invite family and friends to enjoythis wholesome and hearty meal together.She’ll say as she fills plates how skinny you lookhow cold the weather isand how fattening up is attractive.Granny isn’t here but her cooking isas we bring a traditional Cocidofor your warming and cheering The Cocido is a stew involving chick peas and chorizo (amongst other things) and it consists of three courses:The soupThe veggiesThe meat____________________ Set meal includes the traditional three courses + one glass of red  wine for only £10 OPEN 1PM TO 4PMBook donation tickets in  Palm 2 website.Alternatively you can drop in and donate on the day. “