Google search by image for finding your photos

Google search by image launched recently which is a tool that lets you search visually (something TinEye have been doing for a while but with a bit less financial backing)

It’s really a tool for identifying things by image but of course for us ‘togs it’s also useful to see if any of our photos are turning up where they shouldn’t. The second image of mine I searched on showed me a result of it being used as a book cover something I will now have to take up with the sneaky publisher

Check it out here:”


  1. It’s bloody clever, isn’t it?

    The tricky bit is knowing which of your photos are likely to have been used elsewhere, but I just tried it with my most-viewed photo yesterday, and lo and behold, the first result is someone who’s using it uncredited.
    This could keep me busy… 🙂

  2. Indeed.
    My photos are all creative commons, but require a credit, if I see it on a website I tend to email them to flag it and ask for the proper credit.
    If it’s being used for profit, that’s another story.

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