Good places to eat in/around Clapton

Hello all,

I’m moving from Bow to Hackney on Saturday (hoorah!) and have conned my parents into helping me with the move.

As thanks, can you recommend somewhere good I can take them for a bite to eat? I’m moving to Clapton so somewhere closeby would be ideal.

I’d appreciate your expertise!



  1. Hey Lousie,

    Venetia’s and the nearby pancake place on Chatsworth Road are very good. As is the Organic food shop & cafe on Lower Clapton Road.

    Or if it’s a pub you’re after, go down to the Pembury Tavern near Hackney Downs station.

    Alternatively, walk 15 mins to London Fields and get some food at Broadway Market.


  2. If it’s nice out then I second Organic and Natural as a good option

    Also the italian Parrioli

  3. Depending on where in Clapton you are, Stoke Newington has tons of restaurants that should hit most spots you could have, and there’s two cafes in Springfield Park (the one by the river does an okay cooked breakfast). There’s also pubs along the River Lea that might do food? (There’s nice food for sure along the River Lea in Hackney Wick, but it’s not quite easy walking distance.)

  4. (I also second the recommendations for Venetias, E Parioli, Organic and Natural, and the Pembury – they’re all super tasty.)

  5. The Elderfield is a nice pub which does food – although I’ve never eaten there so I can’t say how good it is.
    There are a few reviews here (but I don’t agree with the comment about the smell);

  6. The Elderfield is oven chips or oven pizza, not great for lunch

  7. Wow! I’m going to make it my personal goal to try all of these places (though not in one sitting).

    I take it Venetia’s serve food from 11am, rather than 11pm as it says on their site…
    Thanks all.

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