Good News…Race4Apps

Last year we entered the Race4Apps competition. a competition to crowdsource mobile apps for visitors, business people and journalists coming into Hackney during the 2012 games. Today they sent us this:

Race for Apps Competition proposal: hidden little gems – the best way to discover local gems during the 2012 olympics Challenge: Finding Your Way   Congratulations hidden little gems Your application to the Race for Apps Competition has been selected for a medal….. Yay!!!

Now the hard work begins 🙂 if you want to know more about our app or i you want to help just head here or chat here 🙂

We are excited and wanted to share with you all our good news!!


  1. wow. amazing news for you guys and, i hope, hackney! (something about hidden gems staying hidden is just as tempting…)

  2. lol thanks @janice  – I know what you mean ;)”

  3. Cool! Now all our hidden gems will be full of tourists!! Yayy!!!

  4. Hahaha @lizzie don’t worry it’s only so we get those gem’s cashing in on the Olympics after that they can go on to be perfect hidden little gems ;)”

  5. Hey @hiddengems how’s things going with the project?

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