good curry in Hackney?

Does anyone have any good recommendations? Found Joy in Bway Market and Chilli’s in Vicky Park okay, but wondered if there were better restaurants/takeaways?


  1. There are a few good ones on Hungry House, Tiffin Bites and Abi Ruchi (Keralan) both in Stoke Newington I’ve also heard some good things about Ganges on Dalston Lane, but am yet to try it myself

  2. Zeera at Mile End under the Banana Bridge is lush a little bit more expensive but always worth it. I know its not in Hackney but it does deliver and its only a bus ride away ;)”

  3. yes and there’s Rasa of course…was wondering more about E9/E5 way…

  4. The Standard Tandoori in Viccy Park village is brilliant. Despite its clearly-mediocre name, they have no frills quality curries at low cost. The staff are really friendly, and the restaurant’s been there for 25 years so they’ve got some stories about how the area has changed.It’s much better than the shiny-looking place across the road from them!

  5. suruchi is pretty good – they were giving everyone a free dosa when i was in there last week.”

  6. For me Tiffins Club is the best indian take away in Hackney, just off Amhurst Road…delicious!

  7. I’d say that we’re pretty fussy since my guy’s heritage is Indian but in the end it’s all about taste. We always order from Ganges, though. The reason – it’s consistent, delivered quickly and politely, and it’s very low on the oily scale. We always order the same things. Chana (the appetiser one), dahl (also appetiser), whole tandoori chicken which comes with sauce and raita and a couple of salady things, nan, bindi bhaji, cauliflower bhaji. (I hope I have that right since I don’t have a menu here in front of me). We add our own rice if we need it. Not being huge eaters, there is usually enough for two dinners or a dinner and some lunches each. Cheap too!

  8. LOVE GANGES!!!!!!!! My first curry in London, though I only get takeaways/deliveries from them haven’t been to the restaurant.

  9. had a takeaway from Ganges last night, and was well impressed. Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. My guy went in one day to chat to them, since we often feel like we’re their top customers! They told him they get very little sit-in clientele but do a very good delivery and take-out trade. I reckon we should all go in as a group some day and shock the hell out of them! LOL.

  11. a yeah! Hackney curry night a great idea – although maybe we should warn them that we’re coming! Who’s in?

  12. I would like to come. I’m not moving to Hackney for another 3 weeks but can never turn down a curry, would be good to meet some people

  13. i’m away but if it happens after i’m back (eventually!) i’m in too, if that counts

  14. not strictly in hackney – it’s in tower hamlets – but i would say that Needo grill in Whitechapel l is the best curry I’ve had. period. Am originally from Birmingham so would like to think i have enjoyed good British curry in my time… The lamb chops are superb. Am trying Ganges tonight based on positive reviews above…. and the fact that they deliver without having to put it in a taxi (a fly in the ointment for Needo).

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