Goldsmiths Row to close to traffic

I just saw this tweet From Hackney City FarmBicycle paradise coming! Goldsmiths Row (connecting Hackney Road to Broaday Market) to close to traffic from January 24th.That’s this one here


  1. I’ve always wanted to do a project that established an official route between London Fields and Brick Lane via Broadway Market, City Farm, Columbia Road etc. This could be the first step!

  2. I always found the cycling lane a pain, because it always had people in it. They layout was such that it seemed to encourage it. Nice to see this move (although not easy for us scooter riders!)

  3. Walked past there the other day, and it seems that work has indeed started. They’ve coned off the street, and had got about halfway through removing the slightly sunken bike lane.Hopefully once they’re done, there’ll be an area that’s fairly obviously for cyclists – it was always a bit annoying to find pedestrians on the green-painted bit. Though it should mean the farm don’t need to put a look-out at their gate on the weekends anymore!

  4. Goldsmiths Row is now car free, check out the post over here:

    Goldsmiths Row

    Photo by IamBrianJones

  5. I came across this blogpost which I thought might be interesting to YH cyclists

  6. When I cycled up there yesterday, they were in the middle of resurfacing it – and removing the speed bumps. Hurrah!

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