Gizzi Erskine opens a Korean pop-up restaurant!

TV chef Gizzi Erskine is opening a pop-up Korean restaurant in Shoreditch. ‘K-Town’ will launch at Concrete, located below Pizza East Shoreditch, from 10th – 12th October. Menu looks yum ting. Last Friday I had Thai fried chicken at Street Feast and Saturday was a guilty KFC family bucket (I know I know), so looking forward to some Korean wings!


  1. ‘Twas ace!

  2. Good to hear! What did you have??

  3. Crispy tuna rice (amazing!), sashimi, korean fried chicken wings (even more amazing!), pork yum bun, slow cooked  lamb with kimchi wrapped in lettuce leaves then trio of ice creams – green tea, black sesame and miso. The miso one was deeeelish but the green tea one was awful – like chewing a cold tea bag! Aside from that it was great, looking forward to Gizzi’s next pop up.

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