gigs @ the Shacklewell Arms

So the Shacklewell Arms has started putting on a decent series of gigs. I haven’t been along yet but am going to these, anyone fancy coming along? Have a listen:


  1. Hope you don’t mind, I moved this over into the music forum.Nice use of embedding sound cloud, I didn’t know that worked on here! Nedry sound good, I’d be up for that one.

  2. Hackney Citizen article on the venue: I went a couple of times when it was under the old ownership and loved it: Dark room one light to a mirror ball big sound system – my kind of dancing venue. Not sure how it’s changed since hopefully not much but a better quality PA is welcome.”

  3. As Tom Baker is involved I’d expect a decent sound system and there is real ale – sounds great!

  4. @ewebber nothing to do with me squire! I just posted the links and the rest happened as if by magic, by magic I tell you! (Though not sure why the Seams one doesn’t embed0 @jamieb thanks for the article

  5. Ps. I saw both Nedry and Seams at the Great Escape earlier this year and enjoyed them both, Cloud Boat I haven’t seen but like their sound, the other bands I have not heard of.

  6. @goodlegs this is why it embedded idea why the seams didn’t but oembed can be a bit flakey”

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