Getting brownfield sites & derelict buildings back into use

Hi, I know most of you are interested in hearing about new developments, so would you be interested in helping out a Hackney project that aims to highlight potential sites and get them back into use or developed? I’ve already mapped some brownfield sites in Hackney. The idea is to map the sites, see what plans exist (if any) and have some discussion to bring about change. I’m always curious why some great places stay as scrap land for year and years. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks,Andrew


  1. You’re right that it’s the fault of the land owners, but sometimes I get the feeling people never question these sites. I wasn’t aware of Dalson Curve Garden. That’s a great example of the community doing something. If only there were more communities doing that. The project I’m working on is called Land Wiki. More info here: We’re hoping to map derelict / under-utilised spaces and bring people together to make some change. I suppose the most important thing is seeing if people have the will to change something.”

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