Geronimo! Princess of Wales, Lea Bridge Road

Does any know about the plans for Princess of Wales, Lea Bridge Road? We understand Geronimo Inns ( have bought it – they run a number of pubs in east London including the Crown, Victoria Park, Bow and the Cow, Stratford Westfield. Hopefully this means they’ll be better food down by the river.


  1. interesting, it’s a bit of a dull pub imo – maybe this will improve the place, although I hope it doesn’t go full-on gastropub.

  2. That place could certainly do with being livened up. Further evidence that the brewers are moving in on E5. Still plenty of underused or empty pubs to go round.

  3. Geronimo Inns is part of Youngs so I don’t think the pub has changed hands, just a re-branding;

  4. I’ve just come across these mood boards and a layout plan which should give an idea of what it’ll look like;“Opening end of June” apparently. It’ll certainly be a change.”

  5. I’m closing this thread as the new manager @pacman has started a new thread over here:

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