Gardening tools & seeds needed

Just about to embark on a gardening project to grow vegetables and am looking for some gardening tools including:Compost binsoil sievesmall hand tools like fork and spadeVegtable seedsGrass seedWould love to reuse rather than buyMany thanksCarl

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  1. Hi @flowingman we have a gardening forum over here can you repost over there? Thanks

  2. @flowingman Hi Carl, I’ve got a compost bin you can have. Where do you live? I’ll drop it off.

  3. Hi @benjamin, thats brilliant. What size is it please? We are planning to put it in the garden. Cheers Carl

  4. Hi @benjamin I’m sure they are all pretty standard size and I’d love to take your bin. we live at 4 Sewdley Street E5 0AX – be great to meet you too. Carl”

  5. This topic has now moved to the Green Fingered Hackney Group over here:

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