Garage space to share?

Howday all, Just discovered Yeah Hackney – fantastic! And low and behold a scooter group, where have I been?I’m knowledgeable about most things Vespa, although a bit rusty… happy to advise and help where possible. I have 3 bikes at the moment, only one of which is a scooter, a 1963 Li150 Lambretta, the others being a Moto guzzi Le Mans, and a BMW G/S.. 3 down from 7 bikes due to fatherhood. Still I need some winter storeage for the Guzzi and maybe the Lambretta. If anyone knows of or has and wants to share a garage or shelter, I could contribute financially, and or mechanically… Happy and safe riding, Rich…


  1. Hi @richey23 and welcome to yeah! Hackney it would be great to see your bikes over on the What do you ride thread I’ve always wanted a Lambretta, but never really had the funds for more than one bike. Unfortunately I don’t have any garage space of my own 🙁

  2. @richey23 nice collection of bikes. The Moto Guzzi Le Mans is one of my favourite bikes. I’ve yet to get my bike license but I enjoy riding about my vintage Vespa.I was looking for a garage/secure space a while ago but couldn’t find anything local, other than moody looking lockups. I’d be interested to know if you find anything.

  3. Hi all,I’m moving to Hackney Central in a month but will no longer have a garage :(This means the insurance on my Vespa has gone from classic to standard, loosing many benefits and costing twice as much! Has anyone had any luck with finding garages in the area? Many thanks. See you on the road 🙂

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