Garage Comedy at the Kenton

As of August, Garage Comedy at the Kenton will be in its third month. These are stand-up comedy sessions in the locally infamous Garage Lounge, in the beer garden. Cost is always 3 pounds. Featuring local comedians and international talent. Find \The Kenton” on Facebook – for updates.
August 17th – 8 pm – 3 pounds

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  1. This wednesday the 14th of September is the final Garage Comedy at the Kenton (until next summer anyway). For a measly 3 pounds you can enjoy the comedic styles of several (3) incredible Canadian acts who are in London as an aftermath of the Edinburgh festival. Bobby Mair, DeAnne Smith, Christophe Davidson.Event link on Facebook is here: sure you come if you are a fan of stand-up comedy. Hope to see ya there.”

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