Garage Comedy At The Kenton – July 25th

The Kenton’s Garage Comedy is back to feed on the laughter of Hackney’s discerning comedy fans! It wants nothing but the best for you and your gigglebox the evening of Wednesday July 25th. Every other day, it doesn’t give a shit what you do.So, this edition of Garage Comedy at the Kenton features another high quality line-up built piecemeal from professional comedians of the international circuit.Here are their names. There are links there for you to click at if you doubt the power of this show. Australian jokester JACQUES BARRETT hilarioust NICK BEATON Canadian witmonger BRYAN O’GORMAN pants-pissifier MILES LLOYD gut laugh grenade LUKE CAPASSO by special guy Mike Sheer There is a special on buckets of Corona (5 for £14!)The show is £3 (cheap!) and the doors are at 7:30 pm. Show will start 8 pm.Garage Comedy at The Kenton. Hey guys let’s have some fun. In a garage.