GANDAIA Fundraiser Night – Brazil/Nigeria

GANDAIA FUNDRAISER NIGHT at FLORIPATUESDAY October 23rdLIVE:MARACATUDO MAFUA and AGEMOThe two groups join forces to raise funds and awareness about two great community projects in both Brazil and Nigeria.Both bands have strong link to the groups as Maracatu Nacao Camealeao is Mafua’s Godfather group andSeyi Ajeigbe ( Agemo) is the motivational character and musical director of Eko Samba School, a project aimed at children in disadvantaged communities in Lagos Nigeria. Maracatu Nacao Camaleao – Olinda – Pernambuco – Brazilis a community based group that since 1990 has been active in the maracatu scene, and that for the last 5 years have not being able to afford a workshpace as there is no permanent support form Brazilian Government. Eko Samba School- Lagos – Nigeriaaim to help children gain access to creative arts and social awareness through the international and cross- cultural platform that samba provides. LIVE ACTS: AGEMO is a blend of musical influences from the world over transcending genre and trend but often calling on the roots of Yoruban idiomatic expressions. MARACATUDO MAFUAis a London based group with members from all corners of the world that share a profound love and dedication to the movement of Maracatu, recently received 2012’s Brazilian International Awards on Dance & Folk Category.  The band also play Ijexa, Ciranda and £5 ticket or £8 with Camaleao’s Album Download\Live in Barcelona”For £5 tickets please log: £8 please log: 91-93 Great Eastern St – London EC2A 3HZ