Games volunteering

Are you a volunteer? I am. I have my orientation in June (out of town for the Wembley-based one) and have already done a test event back in the summer. Sadly, I won’t be at the main Olympic site – at first I was disappointed since it’s where all the action is AND it’s only a few stops away. But then I started to think being away from all The Action might  not be such a bad thing. 🙂 On another note, I don’t have any tickets for either the main or the paralympic games – all my bids failed. Hopefully, as a volunteer I can still see a few events if only the more public ones, like the marathon and the road race (cycling).


  1. Good to hear about your volunteering plans Janice!Which test event did you help out at in the summer?Where will you be during the games?You’re probably right about the benefits of being away from the action. Keep in mind there will be many non-sport events going on around London that will have that \Olympic feel” to them highlighted by the Russians showing off their plans for the 2014 games by taking over some of the Royal family’s property for your enjoyment:

  2. i’m volunteering too however i think im in the olympic park! have my orientation beginning of feb! i am very excited! 😀

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