FY Creatives!

So what do you do that can be interpreted as creative?I’ve been told I write well. Unfortunately that wasn’t the opinions of anyone who’s graded my papers recently.I take pictures with a sort-of broken camera. And I can be pretty creative with baking, or at least back when I had a kitchen that I didn’t share with four other people.What about you?


  1. Ergh, \opinions” = “opinion.”This is what I get for posting at half-one in the morning.”

  2. I guess Photography is what I do mostly and I do some web design of sorts (I put together all my site and some others too)

  3. writing – talking – photo’ing – making bunting – ing ing

  4. I write a blog about my creative experiences and some of the people I’ve met through blogging, on Twitter and elsewhere.My latest post is about an online newspaper using Twitter streams tagged #handmade and a magazine by UK Handmade.http://divinechoicecreations.blogspot.com/2010/12/read-all-about-handmade.htmlMy blog includes pictures of cards I’ve made my gardening efforts and my Tumblr gallery.”

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