fuel mixing

any idea of fuel mixing for an old scooter, ie the right measurement for oil and fuel. i have a 1965  vespa super


  1. Sounds like a nice bike. Both vespas I’ve had came with a small measuring jug for 2 stroke with numbers to correspond to the amount of petrol you put in, I’m not sure of the percentage, but you should be able to pick up a jug from any vespa mechanic for a few quid.

  2. Hello, top scooter. I looked at my original 1960 Vespa manual written by Joe Cornish. It covers the early GS which is probably similar spec to yours. The mix is half a pint of oil to one gallon of petrol after 1250 miles.  I think the previous advice is best as we are buying in litres now….There are plenty of online parts suppliers that can sell you a mixing jug. R Agius has been a vespa dealer, since 1951. I bet they can help. They area at 363 Edgeware Road, telephone 020 7723 0995. Hope you get one. I think it might be fun to all meet up at a cafe somewhere in Hackney with parking outside. We could ride around our favourite bits of the borough and stop at one or two coffee shops on the way. Happy to organise if there is interest, Cheers, Jimbo

  3. @jimbo Hackney scooter club coffee crawl – sounds cool 🙂 I’ll start a new thread about it.I should in theory have my scooter back this week (please, please, please) after pretty much 6 months of now riding and 3 different stater plates, I’m eager to get back on it

  4. I use 20ml of fully synthetic per litre of petrol in mine if that’s any help. 🙂

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