Fuck yeah! Who fancies going for a ride?

I’m thinking about organising a ride open to all Yeah Hackney members. All ideas are welcome but I was thinking of either cycling the route of the circle line or a jaunt up into Epping Forest.


  1. Epping forest is a great ride, used to do it as a teenager often. High Beech is a good final destination. From here a route along the canal up to Chingford then along the Epping New Road is the obvious one. I also posted a suggested bike tour through the wider East London on another page earlier.

  2. yes I’d be up for that. Going camping in Epping Forest this weekend so another weekend would be good!

  3. I’d be up for an epping forest ride

  4. Epping it is then. We can sort out a date when the wedding madness has passed. The route I’ve been doing lately takes you up Lea Bridge rd, through Loughton and then back via the forest. Its a good little route, no real distance, but there are a couple of hills.

  5. I’m up for forest ride, might need a push if the hills are big though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. i’m in. going up for a ride to epping tomorrow

  7. @kuxi – pop in for a cuppa if you like. I’m in Walthamstow (sshhh don’t tell anyone) just off Lea Bridge rd.

    @katybeale Are you going camping or glamping?

  8. I’d love to if I can replace my bike in time – it got stolen overnight – http://www.yeahhackney.com/anyone-selling-a-bike-at-the-moment/

  9. @philsheard really sorry to hear that, was it locked up? a friend had a scare when we were having a drink in the garden of the britannia in viccy park. sun had just gone down and some kids sliced through her abus chain in seconds with an electric cutter, caught them when we saw the spark in the dark. seems there isn’t a whole lot we can do to stop them if they want your bike.

    @alexpink didn’t get your msg till late, deffo drop in on the way back from a ride if you’re in next time. love to get tips for routes from you

  10. @philsheard Sorry to hear about your bike. Bastardos.

    @kuxi Anytime, just let me know. PS I can’t believe the kids are going round with an electric cutter! Thats crazy.

  11. I’ve got a great little route lined up – I just need to do a reckie this week and then we’ll sort a date out.

    @goodlegs Are you coming along?

  12. @alexpink Yeah I’m in! Away next weekend at the great escape but mostly free other than that.

    In terms of bike safety, various publications recommend using two locks of differing types, the theory being that a bike thief would need to have two different types of equipment on them to break both locks. I think more generally it makes it annoying enough that they’ll go looking for a less secure bike instead.

    The downside being having to carry the extra weight. I usually just carry a fahgeddaboutit, used to lock through the frame and back wheel, and a thin cable through the d-lock and the front-wheel. If I’m going somewhere *really* dodgy I’ve got a ridiculously heavy lock left around a bike stand in Angel which I can pickup and a) together with the d-lock make my bike impregnable; b) murder the hell out of my back

  13. How about the weekend of the 21st/22nd May?

  14. Sadly I’m not around that weekend, but of course go with the majority!

  15. 21st/22nd works for me but don’t mind waiting till everyone can make it

  16. Can you guys do the weekend after? 28th/29th.

    We’ll see what the majority vote is.

  17. Can do yeah

  18. I’d join you, but nightshifts get in the way of the first weekend, and a friend’s wedding for the second. Next time!

  19. @Martin – that’s a shame

    What say the rest of you re the date @katybeale @olears @kuxi @philsheard ?? (and anyone else)
    I cycled a route this morning which worked out at 21 miles. We don’t have to go that far though – or we can go further! I spotted a nice pub along the way..

  20. 28/29th should be good for me, but I’ll lag behind over 21 miles – I ride my childhood mountain bike, no slim speedy racer for me at the moment :/

  21. I can do the 21st May, but I’m at the Well st common Festival on the 22nd and heading to Glastonbudget the following weekend for the worlds best tribute festival ever!!”

  22. Ohhh I’m up for this. 21/22 or 28/29 is fine with me.

  23. Right, this is on for Saturday the 28th. Everyone’s welcome, regardless of whether you ride a unicycle, mountain bike, racer, or fixie. Rough plan is to meet on the opposite side of the road to the Princess of Wales pub on Lea Bridge Rd (North Millfields park) and head up into Epping Forest. We’ll try and make it as relaxed & fun as possible ๐Ÿ™‚

    Shall we say 11.30am?

  24. great, looking forward to it ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. @alexpink is it worth setting up a map or having some meeting spots for people who stray from the main pack? saying this having been left behind a few times.

    looks like there’s a whole stack of sites that would be useful, here’s a couple

  26. Sounds good, I’m in.

    I’m riding a cheap Raleigh hybrid now so will be looking after the rear ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. @philsheard glad I’ll be in good company ๐Ÿ™‚

    @kuxi thanks for those links, very handy looking sites. guessing well be doing something along these lines? http://www.cycle-route.com/routes/Victoria_Park_to_Epping_Forest_Circular_Route-Cycle-Route-1519.html

  28. @kuxi I cycled this route this morning http://bit.ly/lOh38m

    Its a great route and once you’re past Epping its mostly nice country lanes – perfect. We stopped for a pub-lunch in Chipping Ongar. I’ve got an idea for a similar route so I’ll do a reckie ride and get back to youz.

  29. @dml82 no probs

    @alexpink looks good. what about the green man on toot hill?

  30. Bike ride sounds good to me. +1. I’m in provisionally.

  31. Sounds like a great ride and I’ve been dying to go to Epping. I’m away in Suffolk the 28/29th May so let me know about the next. Perhaps a mini ride this weekend (21/22nd May)?

  32. Hi all, I’d like to get an idea of numbers for Saturdays ride so can you let me know if you’re definitely coming along…

    Suggest we meet at 10am (ish) by the Princess of Wales pub on Lea Bridge.

  33. Hi all, I’d like to get an idea of numbers for Saturdays ride so can you let me know if you’re definitely coming along…

    Suggest we meet at 10am (ish) by the Princess of Wales pub on Lea Bridge.

  34. I’m in.

    I’ll also ‘fess up to being apprehensive about how my iron horse will cope with the distance, so will bring plenty of tools and stuff.

  35. @philsheard Think of it as good training!

    I might ride my fixed gear, which will give you the advantage on the hills!

  36. I’m in too. Should be fun!

  37. @alexpink I’ve just realised I’ve made a diary error: Saturday is in fact my gran’s 90th over in Barry in Wales (of Gavin and Stacey fame).

    So no ride for me after all sadly.
    I was really looking forward to it as well!
    I did meander a little way over in that general direction recently though, so I can vouch for it being an excellent route.
    Next time!

  38. Barry Island – cool.

    You’ll have to come along next time.

  39. Very late notice I know but I’m not able to join tomoz. Our flat has fallen through so having to do some viewings at short notice.

    Let us know how you get on. Be there for the next one.

  40. Thats a shame @philsheard, good luck with the flat hunting.

    I’ll be there at 10am.

  41. I’ll be there for 10 too. Suffering a bit from insomnia, but Wiltons coffee is helping =)

  42. i’ll be there for 10am

  43. Tyres pumped up to 11 and ready to roll. Not bringing a lock (guessing if we stop somewhere we’ll have enough to keep a watch)

  44. Wow you’re organised! What bike do you have?

  45. Nah not really, just pumped up tyres help vs punctures. If I was organised I would have done it last night in case they blew as I pumped them up (this has happened to me before). I’m on a charge plug with token wheels.

    Will be wearing a red carnation purple ‘i cycle ldn’ t-shirt, see you in a bit!

  46. @goodlegs @alexpink well done chaps, really enjoyed that

  47. @kuxi @goodlegs Me too. We’ll have to get out again soon.

  48. @kuxi PS I seem to have acquired a pair of sunglasses, are they yours?

  49. @alexpink @kuxi they looked good on me, so they should probably belong to me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  50. @kuxi @alexpink that was a fun ride, particularly loved all those hills =) Thanks for leading

  51. @kuxi @goodlegs Glad you enjoyed it. I’ve saved the best hills for next time ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ewebber they do suit you. You can buy them off me if you want?

  52. @alexpink don’t take anything less than ยฃ120 and we go 50/50. although i think @ewebber would look better in these http://bit.ly/myafIx

  53. even I wouldn’t have those in my collection

  54. They are amazing. I’ll look out for them around Dalston.

  55. How was the ride? Is there going to be a repeat run or a regular thing? I’d definitely be up for joining.

  56. It was great fun. I hope so, we have a few routes in the pipeline. Its just a matter of sorting it out.

  57. Bank holiday weekend cycle, route/day tbc. Who’s in? @kuxi @goodlegs

  58. @alexpink would love to but will be amidst a big wedding weekend

  59. @alexpink I’m in France that weekend, but definitely keen to do another ride ASAP

  60. I’m thinking about heading down to Herne Hill velodrome one Saturday morning. Anyone fancy it? You can register on arrival after 11.30am on Saturdays, but you’ll need a track bike, or at least a flip flop hub. You can hire bikes apparently.ย There are a few rules –ย http://www.hernehillvelodrome.com/information/faq I would need to adapt my bike slightly, but either way I wouldn’t mind a look around. They sell second hand bike bits and bobs also.

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