Friday 13th

Anyone else have some bad luck today? Popped out to get in my car at 6.30pm today and the passenger seat window had been smashed in! they stole my tax disc… and it runs out at the end of this month!!!! Not impressed ;(


  1. Yes. Someone kicked the front door of our flat in last night/early morning and nicked some bikes.

  2. That’s awful, sorry to hear.  There has been a significant surge in burglaries/crime in the Clapton area over the past year (inevitable consequences of a recession are: 1) increase in suicides and 2) increase in acquisitive crime).  We were burgled while on holiday, loads of irreplaceable family jewellery stolen.  Cars have ben stolen, houses broken into etc etc.  We (on Mildenhall Road – lower part) are moving towards establishing a Neignbourhood Watch Scheme. Andrew

  3. I’d heard there’d been a spate of street robberies recently; safe y’all!”

  4. Oh dear, I’m sorry I started this post now. Lets turn it into a positive thread. Did anyone have anything positive happen to them on Friday 13th? Apparently it is lucky for some! I second Benjamin and Alaw, be safe out there and look out for your neighbours.

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