FREE Street Photography Course in Shoreditch, 24th July

We’ve got a place on a Street Photography Crash Course next Thursday 24th July from 14.00 – 17.30, and delivered by Photography Course London at their studio in Shoreditch, The course is aimed at beginners to street photography, but is suitable for all levels of photographer. Emphasis is on the creative side of photography, so no prior technical knowledge is required. This taster course will cover a short history of street photography, your legal rights, how to approach your sujects and basic camera set-ups. You will then head out into the streets of Shoreditch to take lots of photos, putting into practice what you learn in the classroom! This opportunity is being offered through Echo, the east london time bank network, so you’ll need to join to access it. If you’re interested, just contact Sarah on 0203 288 8833 or, and we’ll get you set up on Echo.