Free shelves up for grabs

Hi all,
I’m doing some redecorating and I have some shelves that I no longer have room for. They are in a good condition and free to the first taker.

There are two sets:
birch coloured EXPEDIT shelves 79×149 cm (4 x 2 shelves)

and a billy bookshelf in a mahogany veneer (which they don’t make anymore) 40x28x106 cm

I’d rather they both went together, pick up from Clapton next Saturday (5th April) let me know in the comments if you are interested


  1. Hi Emily,

    I’m interested in both but I need to see if I can track down a friend with a car to help me move them as I think I’d struggle getting them on the bus! I’ll let you know if I manage to find someone.

  2. Hi Luke, you will need a car 🙂 let me know as soon as you do.

  3. Hi Emily,

    If Luke does not find a car, I would love to take the shelves off your hands! Many thanks, Georgina

  4. Luke can you come back to me by Sunday? if I don’t hear from you then Georgina is up next.

  5. Sure thing Emily – that sounds more than fair, I’ll post back here on Sunday and let you and Georgina know.

  6. No luck for me so they’re all yours @ginnes!

  7. Hi Emily,

    Hope you’re well. Just wondering if the shelves are still available or gone? If so I could collect tomorrow..


  8. Hi Mary, I’m waiting for Georgina to come back to me first.
    They also won’t be ready to take until Saturday.

  9. Hi Emily – I would love to take them, thanks so much! G x

  10. Great, I’ll drop you a private message or email with my details on before Sat.

  11. No worries..enjoy Georgina!

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