Free School for Hackney General Meeting

I had an email in my inbox earlier about the Free School for Hackney general meetingTheir website says: We are a group of parents, teachers, professionals and volunteers from Hackney who are passionate about opening a new Free Primary School in Hackney.Our supporters include teachers and parents from existing Hackney schools who want to transform educational standards. To find our more write to us or if you feel the same join us to make this initiative a success.About the meeting:This will be your opportunity to meet the Free School for Hackney Steering Committee members as well as listen to Hackney Community Representative on the latest developments that will affect the Free School Project in Hackney.Feel free to bring your friends, family & children.Light refreshments will be provided. To find out more vist our website or e-mail here (*) Please show us your support and complete the Free School for Hackney Initiative petition:*) Find out more about the Free School for Hackney Initiative: (*) You can also register to the Public Meeting via our website:”


  1. Oh, brilliant. Cos what Hackney schools really need is to have yet more resources sucked out of them to fund Gove’s contribution to Operation Privatise Absolutely Everything In Sight.

  2. I don’t have kids so this doesn’t really matter to me – but I hate this free school movement.

  3. my immediate thoughts are with garydunion. that said- the Swedish are not entirely clueless as far as i can make out. They are a bit more homogenous than London though, right?according to this report, cited in the torygraph:\The biggest beneficiaries are children from highly educated families; the impact on low educated families and immigrants is close to zero.”The report said: “The researchers also find that the advantages that children educated in areas with free schools have by age 16 do not translate into greater educational success in later life.””

  4. Free Schools are where middle class parents get what is basically a private school funded by the tax payer. Toby Young did this in Hammersmith and got the Tory council to boot people out of local Family Centre as a site for the school. School being paid for by Sure Start cuts. No such thing as a free school.

  5. There is a survey link about free schools over here, if you want to tell them what you think!

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